November 28, 2023


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Women Are Using This Freezer Beauty Blending Hack For A Smoother Look

The latest shocking TikTok beauty trend involves freezing beauty blenders to create a flawless and smooth foundation application.

The trend grew in popularity after the TikTok account @gwmakeup shared a video showing this exact ‘hack’ with the caption: “For a smooth & flawless finish try this!”

The video shows the TikTok wetting the beauty blender sponge under a tap and then putting it into the freezer.

Those who try it say it leaves you with smooth and natural looking skin, and the cooling sensation from the frozen sponge is also quite pleasing.

As TikTok users know, there’s always a somewhat mind boggling beauty trend which claims and commenters were divided on whether the hack would work.

While some users said they tried it and noticed changes in their skin’s appearance, others theorised you already need ‘flawless’ skin in order for it to work.

TikTok users swear it makes their skin look smoother (Credit: @gwmakeup/TikTok)
TikTok users swear it makes their skin look smoother (Credit: @gwmakeup/TikTok)

One woman shared: “For everyone in the comments doubting… dude I just tried it. I have no means of perfect skin. My skin looks awesome with this technique!”

Another TikTok user responded to a comment asking if anyone had tried it themselves, writing: “Yess works amazing but the freezer ended up ripping my sponge.”

However some people weren’t convinced. “Do it without filter to see the real result,” one commenter urged.

Another person added: “Step 1. Already have flawless skin.”

The latest TikTok trend involves freezing beauty blenders (Credit: @gwmakeup/TikTok)
The latest TikTok trend involves freezing beauty blenders (Credit: @gwmakeup/TikTok)

A third TikTok user who claimed to have tried it said their foundation “melted off after 10 minutes.”

Original poster @gwmakeup also responded to some concerns from their followers. One user asked if the foundation will “dry up and be hard” if used with a frozen beauty blender, but @gwmakeup encouraged them to “wait for it to melt a bit.”

They also suggested squeezing out the excess before application.

While this is likely one of the less dangerous and weird hacks TikTok has offered the world, we’re looking at you lube primer, if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, this may be one to skip.

Make-up artists typically suggest people to warm foundation in your hands before applying to the skin for a more natural finished look.