September 27, 2023


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Who Inherits the Queen’s Extensive Jewelry Collection?

Who Inherits the Queen’s Extensive Jewelry Collection?

From Camilla, Queen Consort all the way to Princess Charlotte, the women of the royal family honored the Queen last week through their jewelry—many pieces gifts from the Queen’s own collection. Kate Middleton wore a pearl choker that once belonged to Her late Majesty; Meghan wore a pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings that were a gift from the Queen on the occasion of their first joint engagement together in 2018, the same year Meghan married into the family.

The “lion’s share” of Queen’s extensive jewelry collection, according to The Daily Express, will be given to Kate, the new Princess of Wales, but, according to the outlet, Camilla will get first dibs. “The late monarch owned an extraordinary collection of jewelry worth billions of pounds,” The Express reports. “With her passing, these will now be inherited by the women to follow on the throne and other members of the royal family.” (While Camilla is the current Queen Consort, Kate will follow behind her in due course.)