November 28, 2023


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Watch Maggie Rogers’s Guide to Short Hair and 6-Step Skin Care | Beauty Secrets

Watch Maggie Rogers’s Guide to Short Hair and 6-Step Skin Care | Beauty Secrets

[smooth music]

Hey, this is Maggie Rogers, and I’m gonna walk you

through my daily skincare routine and my everyday

makeup look look with a little something extra.

I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms,

so having some sort of scent that is consistent

helps me make every place feel a bit more like home.

Candle. And I found some matches in my bag

from one of my favorite restaurants in Boston,

where I just finished grad school.

Ready to start.

First step for my skincare routine

is to get my hair out of my face.

I use Kiel’s, super simple and most important for my life.

I can always buy it in an airport.

Just a little bit.

For an exfoliator, I used Pharrel’s Humanrace skincare.

We first met back at NYU when I was studying

music production, and he’s been such a kind supporter

of my music over the last couple years,

and so it was really sick in the middle of the pandemic

when I got a call from him to come be a part

of the Humanrace campaign.

Take about two pumps.

For moisturizer, I use Whipped Dream by Isla.

I have dry skin.

This sort of tends to do the trick.

I really got into skincare when I was touring,

because it became this way to come down from the road

or from stage, there’s so much adrenaline involved in that.

And also, having that multi-step process where I could

really have this incredibly tangible way

to involve myself with self-care.

It just became more and more essential.

I just finished grad school and stress breakouts

are definitely a thing, too.

You could even see right here.

Like, I get these dry skin patches.

Trying to just keep a couple products consistent

has been the most important part of my skincare routine

and has kept my skin from flaring up.

About one time a week, maybe, I try to do a mask.

Again, major self-care luxury solo time moment.

I love this Tata Harper resurfacing mask.

I love the way it smells,

I love the way it makes my skin look.

Leave it on for like five, seven minutes.

Usually I brush my teeth or like,

do a little dance while I’m waiting.

When I’m getting ready in the morning,

I listen to a lot of Nick Drake, and when I’m coming down,

the secret that I’ve been sort of hoarding in the pandemic

is that I’ve only been listening to strange ambient music.

Okay, I’m gonna rinse this mask off.

The next step for me, even if I don’t do any

of the rest of them, I do this thing, which is sunscreen.

I have freckles and really light fair skin,

and also, my favorite beauty look is exactly

what’s happening right now, which is just nothing.

That’s sort of when I feel the sexiest

and the most like myself.

So I use Supergoop Unseen Suncreen.

The texture is really nice and I don’t see it,

I don’t feel it, I don’t smell it,

but I know that I’m protected

Growing up, I never saw anyone who had freckles in beauty.

Like, I go to the CVS to buy beauty products

and there was no one with freckles,

and that’s something that’s definitely changed a ton,

but there’s been this real emphasis on having this, like,

perfect flawless matte skin, and I don’t have matte skin,

and I love my skin and I love my freckles.

Beauty is something that has always, like,

growing up, it intimidated me a little bit.

It was this thing that I didn’t feel like

I knew anything about, and I pretty much just wore mascara

most of my life.

I always like think that if the Euphoria kids

could have seen me in high school,

they would’ve completely eaten my lunch.

A big part that’s changed in my beauty routine is my hair.

I’ve had short hair a bunch of different times in my life.

It really changes the way that I present myself

to the world.

I’ve always been really attracted to androgyny

and found that my gender presentation

is this really fluid thing,

especially when my hair is changing,

and makeup has been something that has always helped me

play with that or bring out different sides

of my personality or what I find to be really beautiful.

People always think that short hair might be a lot easier,

but let me tell you, I probably get my hair cut

every three to five weeks, which feels insane,

but otherwise I look like a soccer mom

which, also, shout out to soccer moms.

I love soccer, I love my mom.

Step one, I get it kind of wet.

All right, here I am, full porcupine.

When I had long hair, I washed it maybe every other day,

and when I have short hair,

I wash it maybe every six to 10 days.

I just like to push it down and sort of get it into place,

figure out what it’s gonna do, put the bandana on.

This keeps my hair from flying out,

flying in every direction.

It just sort of like zhuzhs it down.

I’m gonna just put on a little bit of a lip mask

shout out to Halsey for the Laneige mask.

She turned me onto this product when About Faith launched.

She sent me a little gift bag

and it included some of her favorite products,

and it became one of my favorite products.

It is actually my favorite undereye cream when I sleep.

I’ve tried a bunch of different ones,

but I just smear a little bit on my undereye

and it sort of does the trick for me.

I use this Tom Ford concealer pen that has since

been discontinued, but I was a freak

and bought an unopened one on eBay.

My friend Rachel recently taught me this trick.

It actually is really helpful to leave your concealer

on your face for a little while,

help it set into your skin before you blend it in.

In the meantime, I’m gonna do my eyebrows.

I use the Benefit Gimmie Brow.

This one is just really consistent,

and I can usually find it in an airport.

I use this Chanel Essentiel stick.

I use it in this color that is called Golden Light.

I use it as a cheek and as an eyeshadow.

And I just put a little bit here, and again,

I like this ’cause it feels like paint.

A little bit on my eye, blend this up a little bit,

sort of just disappears.

Chanel has been a part of so many important moments

in my career, the Grammys, or like, the Met,

and I also just really love their cosmetics.

They feel really simple and really classic.

I’m gonna maybe take a second

and blend in this concealer now, just a little bit.

Again, I just use my fingers.

I’ve been through big phases of my life where I’ve been

super into eyeshadow, ’cause like, a pink eyeshadow

or a blue eyeshadow just feels like such a blast.

In college, I lived in France for a little while

and I went through a complete phase where I wore

dark lipstick and no eye makeup

and was a little French girl,

and going through those phases with products

or changing what I’m emphasizing has been a big part

of my beauty evolution.

So eyeliner is a big part

of what I’m experimenting with right now.

Chanel eyeliner.

I’m gonna use it in Prune Intense.

Using an eyeliner that has a little bit more red or purple

to it is something that helps accentuate my eyes,

and with short hair, that has always felt really helpful.

I put it on the lash line.

The craziest thing is like, yes, I am poking the literal

inside of my eyeball, but if you think this is nuts,

try doing this on a moving bus.

So after I do that, like, undereye, I do a little on top.

but just a little.

Another reason I love using this purple

is that it’s a big color for the record.

Color and music have always been incredibly

tied for me through synesthesia.

For this record, the colors are dark purple, green,

this really beautiful tangerine, which,

I was telling this to a friend a year ago

and she pointed it out to me that those are all colors

of a bruise, which feels, in some way,

like healing from the last couple years.

One more thing I’ll do to accentuate my eyes

or help me find a little bit more femininity in my everyday

is a little bit of blush.

I use a brush for the blush,

and I have used the Nars Orgasm color forever.

I use the Chanel mascara.

If I had one beauty product on a desert island

for the rest of my life, it would be mascara.

It feels just so fun and expressive, and has been such

an exciting part of this record and this look.

I’ve been thinking so much about, like, Twiggy,

with her baller chunky eyelashes and her tiny hair.

When I think about favorite beauty looks or makeup looks

that I’ve done, I’m really excited about this era for me.

Like, I had some crazy times early in my career

where the label would hire someone to do my makeup

and I would just think that that was how it needed to be

and I would come out with a full face of caked contour,

and that looks so incredible on some people

and just isn’t me.

Like, for me, makeup feels so personal that I just

am starting to feel like this is a moment

where I experiment so much more with what that look could be

or what the possibility is.

Okay, we’re almost done.

I’m gonna do a little hair reveal.

The last thing I’ll do is put a little lip on.

I use this Dior beauty palette.

This is my favorite thing to carry around.

I’ll offer it to friends.

Like, I feel like it works for, you know,

obviously I’ve used a couple colors more,

but I feel like it works for almost any look.

I’m ready to go.

Thank you so much for tuning in and watching me

talk about all this stuff, and I’m so excited for you

to hear this record and I hope that I get to see you

on the road sometime soon, so…

Have a great day.