November 28, 2023


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Viral: Man Smashes Wedding Cake, Leaves Bride And Groom In Shock

Viral: Man Smashes Wedding Cake, Leaves Bride And Groom In Shock

We all are well aware of how expensive weddings can be. There are decorations to look after, planning out the events, deciding the menu, and so much more. But in all these things, the one thing which truly marks a wedding celebration is the wedding cake! We have often seen the bride and groom having a huge wedding cake with all kinds of decorations on it. We can even say that a cake is one of the highlights of the wedding. But what if someone destroys your wedding cake right after you cut it? How would you feel? Recently, one such similar thing happened with a couple. As soon as they had cut the cake, a man came and destroyed it with his hands.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @gentelmanspb we can see a couple standing behind a cake. There is also a waiter beside them who is cutting the cake into slices and serving it to the bride and groom. As the waiter is serving the cake, a man excitedly jumps into the frame and digs his hands into it. He takes a massive chunk out of the cake and tries to put it on the couple. But soon, both of them move away from the man. Then, he again takes pieces of cake and tries to put them on the bride. The bride can be seen walking away. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 40 million views, 347K likes and more than ten thousand comments! One person wrote, “Ruined people’s holiday and even treated food like that. A cake to order costs a lot of money. Apparently, there was no upbringing at all in his childhood.” Another person said, “The friend you should’ve never invited.”

Someone also added,” Why the hell drinking like this that you can’t control your actions? It is unlikely that a person does this on a sober head. The wedding is ruined, he also tried to mess with the bride. There is no need to invite such people at all or accompany them home until they have lost their minds.”

Many people have also reacted to how the groom was about to hit the man. A user wrote, “I imagine he was punched at the end of it.” Another user said, “Where is the rest of the video? He’s going to hit him!” And a user even added, “He should have punched him.”

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