December 4, 2023


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Video Shows Woman Getting Rejected by Disney World Character

  • Grace Foltz, 25, visited Disney World with her friend this weekend to help her cope with a breakup.
  • While there, Foltz asked Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” on a date.
  • She was swiftly rejected, and Foltz told Insider that she found his response “so funny.”
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Two women had a rare interaction with Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” while visiting Disney World this week.

Grace Foltz, 25, and her friend Steph visited Disney World together on Tuesday. Foltz told Insider Steph — who goes by @nots0swift on TikTok — flew into town to comfort her, as Foltz had been going through a breakup.

As they headed to Splash Mountain, they noticed Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” walking by. Foltz said that in a “spontaneous” and “split-second” decision, she shouted out, “Gaston! My boyfriend just broke up with me. Will you go out with me?”

The character, who is known for his arrogance, responded by saying: “Sorry, I’m looking for the most beautiful woman in town.”

“I looked at Steph and I said, ‘I’m going to say something to Gaston,'” Foltz said of the moment. “She happened to whip her phone out right as I was about to say it.”

That video of the interaction was later posted by Steph and has now been viewed more than 7.7 million times on TikTok. After Gaston responded, Foltz is seen with a shocked expression on her face. “Did I just get roasted?” she says. 

Foltz told Insider that she expected Gaston to make a comment about Belle, so she was “stunned” by his response. Still, she said that she and Steph both previously worked at Disney World and were entirely familiar with how Gaston interacts with parkgoers.

“Some people commented on the video saying that I looked like I was going to cry, but I thought it was so funny,” Foltz said. “I have a very good sense of humor, and I absolutely 100% knew what I was getting myself into.”

Foltz added that she had “the perfect comeback” and was planning to say, “Well, you found her.” Unfortunately, Gaston had already walked too far away for her to respond.

And despite Gaston’s rejection, the two friends went on to laugh about the interaction “for the rest of the day,” Foltz said.

“I think I deserved what I got by asking Gaston to ask me out,” Foltz said. “I try and interact with Disney characters in funny ways. I never want to catcall them and make them uncomfortable. So I hope Gaston finds this as funny as I do.”