February 24, 2024


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This Jewelry Line Lets You Wear Your Pronouns on Your Sleeve

In time for Pride Month, fine jewelry brand The10 has launched its new Pronoun Collection, a line of bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces that gives wearers the opportunity to share their pronouns without saying a word.

The line includes pieces in sterling silver and 14K gold plate and prices range from $135 for a silver stud earring to $350 for a gold-plated nameplate necklace. “We created the Pronoun Collection to provide a meaningful symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. We believe that these pieces not only look beautiful but we hope will expand awareness of the use of pronouns in our everyday lives,” said Dana Kavalier, co-founder of The10 jewelry, in a press release.

The collection was created to make sharing pronouns simple and instantaneous and to encourage the normalization of sharing pronouns in our daily lives. “When we openly share our personal pronouns, it helps to normalize the reality that there is a gender spectrum and it creates a more inclusive space,” the brand shared. “We created the pronoun collection as a wearable extension of this idea.”

The collection also has a charitable aspect: 15% of proceeds will be donated to Gender Nation, a non-profit organization that donates LGBTQ books to school libraries. “We are thrilled that a portion of the proceeds will go to our friends at Gender Nation,” The10 jewelry co-founder Shira Caspe Weiss said in the release. “As a former second-grade teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful it is for children to pick up a book from their school library and see themselves represented in a safe and loving light. Our Pronoun Collection is designed to support and celebrate that idea.”

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