November 30, 2023


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‘[They] want us to do a whole second ceremony’

A woman and her mom are not on speaking terms over wedding logistics.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her fiancé is from the U.S. while she is from the U.K. They currently live in America and have since decided to have their wedding in the states. It was a practical decision. Her fiancé’s family doesn’t have passports to go overseas, but her family does. However, the Reddit poster’s mother didn’t like the arrangement and demanded she hosts two weddings instead. 

“We came to the plan of having our official ceremony in the U.S. because many of his family, mainly his parents, do not have passports so would not be able to attend a wedding in the U.K.,” she explained. “Whereas my family all have passports and would be more likely to be able to attend. We understand that flights are expensive and not everyone would be able to make it so I planned on doing a party in the U.K. for my family members that could not make it but would like to celebrate with us. We are also live-streaming the ceremony for those who couldn’t make it.” 

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However, the Reddit poster’s mother was displeased with the situation. 

“My mother does not think that this is good enough and wants us to do a whole second ceremony too, which neither of us wants or can afford,” the Reddit poster said. “She is currently not speaking to me because I said no to the second ceremony even though I told her why we didn’t want it (it would feel forced and less sincere) and our financial worries about it.” 

Reddit posters thought the mom was asking for too much.

“Ridiculous demand,” a user said

“Your mom can make decisions concerning her wedding, not yours,” someone commented.

“Your wedding, your choice,” another wrote

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