February 24, 2024


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The Last Minute Shopping Guide For Stylish One-Piece Swimsuits Of 2021

One-piece swimsuits or maillots have an elegance about them that remind us of icons. From James Bond gals to Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor and even Bo Derek, one-piece swimwear has proven to be the stuff of legends. And while two-piece bikinis are fun, fabulous and frisky, the one-piece swimsuit is the ultimate expression of effortless sophistication in the summertime.

Without having to show too much skin, one-piece swimsuits celebrate natural curves of the female form. Depending on style or cut, they can create the illusion of longer legs, a smaller waist and yes, even a fuller chest. This staple has also evolved to go beyond the usual resort repertoire. Doubling as bodysuits, the maillots pair flawlessly with tailored trousers as they do a pareo. Regardless of personal style and body type, there is a one-piece swimsuit to take you from the poolside to chic private dinners under the stars.

ART INSPIRED one-piece suits amp up the style repertoire by several notches. While nautical, floral and animal prints are perpetually spot-on, painterly images immediately transform the ordinary suit into a wearable piece of art. From bold abstract forms, to intimate sketches and water color painting, this season’s favorite prints are strokes of genius.

CALA DE LA CRUZ Chiara One Piece Suit plays up summers favorite hues through painterly strokes that you look as good on a canvas as it does on your swimwear.

ALICIA SWIM Stella One Piece Suit features red coral watercolor prints done by the brand’s founder herself, model Alicia Rountree. These poignant expressions are a nod to the tropical life of her hometown in Mauritius.

RSB Baywatch One Piece Suit decks a body-flattering cut with prints capture the beauty and biodiversity of the tropics. Its co-founder, Ruth Bueno Sanchez, illustrates most of the prints for the sustainable resort brand.

LA MARIETTE X SELENA GOMEZ Gracie One Piece Suit was recently launched as one of the key pieces of an inspired collection. The collaboration between La Mariette and the pop star sought to celebrate body positivity and inclusivity. The print used for all pieces from this collection are art renderings of aura—inspired by Selena Gomez, no less.

BELTED one-piece suits are chic options that can take you from ocean side to a night out on town. On shore, they are statement pieces that embody a polished style sensibility. When paired with wide leg trousers or a wrap skirt, the belted one-piece suit transforms into sartorial staples. This style works best for curvaceous body type, balancing out the body’s shape.

JUAN DE DIOS Manga One Piece Suit is a classic piece that you can wear not just in the summertime but all year long. Paired with a maxi skirt, trousers or a safari-inspired coat, this belted beauty is an investment piece to have in your wardrobe.

BAOBAB Kai One Piece Suit features a criss cross necklace, punctuated by an effortless waist tie. This stunning piece in a satin shade of orange gives off the illusion of a large silk ribbon, cleverly wrapped around the body to cinch and cover the right places.

SAME LOS ANGELES Celine Zebra Printed One Piece Suit is the perfect piece for the quintessential glamazon. Pair with lots of gold chains and killer hoops for a poolside look

ANEMONE K.M Tie Waist One Piece Suit is a timeless staple that brings elegance to any summertime ensemble. From the beach to the bar, this tie waist suit can pair seamlessly with a satin pleated skirt and even a pair of baggy trousers.

COLOR BLOCKED one-piece suits are great styles to wear especially for those who like to stay active during the summer season. Play of bright and vibrant colors applied on geometric effect energy and movement. When choosing a color-blocked suit, be strategic about the color selection. Opt for dark colors in areas you wish to conceal, and highlight your best assest with brighter hues.

ADAM SELMAN Synchronized One Piece Suit is a vibrant piece to have while soaking up the sun. A crisp combination of red orange and lilac says lifeguard babe—but with lots of sass.

GIGI C Paris One Piece Suit is a stunning piece in color blocked black and white that gives off the illusion of a trimmed down torso. An asymmetric neckline and cutout details create a sensuous play of contrasts along the body’s silhouette.

SAGE SWIM Desiree One Piece Suit is the piece to wear for showing off a sun-kissed glow. Two- tone combination of mustard and orange, recall the fiery sky at sunset.

CUTOUTS are a great option for those who can’t quiet decide between a one or two-piece suit. They are statement pieces that show just the right amount of skin while hugging the body in all the right places. When picking out a cutout swimsuit this season, consider shapes that elongate the torso. High cut bottoms are also ideal for emphasizing legs for days.

BAOBAB Asaka One Piece Suit features sleek cutouts across the bodice to create the illusion of a longer and slimmer torso.

SAGE Donna One Piece Suit features cutouts along the rib area for an asymmetric effect. It is balanced out by a bolder strap on the opposite shoulder.

RSB Meraki One Piece Suit features a cutout detail on the midsection. Also referred to as a “trikini” styles like these are ideal for those who cant decide between a one-piece of a bikini.

LOW NECKLINES on one piece suits were immortalized by Farrah Fawcett in the mid 70s. It’s since become the go-to style for letting sea sprayed hair down and frolicking under the sun. As with other garments, plunging neckline create the illusion of a swam like neck. It also significantly trims down a larger torso.

GIGI C Plunging One Piece Suit features smaller laser cutouts along the neckline for a look that is equal parts dainty and sensual.

SAGE Kara One Piece Suit a a modern classic that combines a plunging neckline, a high cut bottom and a cinched waist. The vest-like effect makes it a great staple, even for daywear.

VERDELIMON Maine Halter Top One Piece Suit is the ultimate nod to pin up style. The halter top cut, punctuated by nostalgic polka dot prints, recall images of Brigitte Bardot vacationing at Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez.

RUFFLED AND RUCHED one-piece suits are fun and feminine choices for beach season. They bring movement and texture to an otherwise sleek silhouette. This style works beautifully for those who wish to balance a pear-shaped or inverted triangle body.  Ruffle or ruched details also work well for taller frames. They add volume to an otherwise sleek silhouette, ideal for creating the illusion of balanced proportions. As with all other styles, strategy is key.

PORT DE BRAS Elle One Piece Suit works as both swimwear and athleisure gear. Full coverage of this one-piece suit allows for free movement. Ruffle details on an asymmetric neckline lend ballet-inspired elegance. Apart from pool or beach wear, the Elle pairs beautifully with a pair of leggings for morning workouts. Match with a tulle or circle skirt just in time for cocktail hour with the girls.

SLEEPER Ariel One Piece Suit is an adorable choice from the newest “athpleasure” collection of the luxury loungewear brand. It combines the classic, body-flattering suit with contrasting white ruffles for a look that is feminine, fun, and fabulous.

JUAN DE DIOS Tucan One Piece Suit highlights body floral prints in delicious hues like Rose Guava and Orange. The reversible piece, which offers the option for a solid brown asymmetric suit, feature an oversize ruffle detail. The Tucan is a great style to wear when you want to balance out a heavy bottom.