June 7, 2023


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Soft Services Comfort Cleanse Shower Gel Makes Skin Squeaky Clean

Soft Services Comfort Cleanse Shower Gel Makes Skin Squeaky Clean

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If Mercury Retrograde (and all of the other planets in Retrograde, tbh) is asking us to get rid of what no longer serves us, then boy do I have the perfect beauty product to truly wash away all of your sins and leave you with only your purest manifestations moving forward. Another stellar body care treatment from Soft Services leaves me breathless once again and this time, it’ll live near my shampoo and conditioner in my my shower.

Comfort Cleanse removes impurities, moisturizes skin, and even doubles as a shaving lotion—it’s that amazing at doing pretty much anything. It’s good for those that take frequent showers, suffer from chronically dry, itchy and sensitive skin, reducing irritation from shaving, and all-over cleansing—including those tough to manage intimate areas.

soft services comfort cleanse

Courtesy of Soft Services.

Soft Services Comfort Cleanse Shower Gel

When I say your skin will look like a baby’s, it actually will—the Comfort Cleanse is made with infant-friendly sudsing agents that lift the entire day off of your skin. Say bye to grime, dirt, and all that subway sweat with this gentle water-gel formula. Oh, and you’ll retain your body’s moisture because this shower gel is made with one-quarter glycerin that’s pressed into the skin, drawing moisture in even after you’re done with your shower. Did I mention it can double as a shaving lotion?

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One reviewer appreciated the tried and true testing methods of the brand, saying “Comfort Cleanse feels like a lightweight serum, weightless, colorless, odorless. Yet, it creates a satisfying lather that easily rinses clean. This is also safe to use in intimate areas, which is important, but not always the case with other body cleansers.” It’s certified safe for sensitive skin—not many body washes can claim that!

You know I’m super obsessed with Soft Services—from the acne-clearing Clearing Duo to the showstopper Smoothing Solution Calming Gel Exfoliant. Shop the Comfort Cleanse on Soft Services’ website now.

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