November 30, 2023


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Omno aims to fill whitespaces in APAC body care market

Omno aims to fill whitespaces in APAC body care market

Regine Han, head of international public relations for Omno, said it was developed to fill what it saw was a gap in the body care category.

“The whole market is very saturated with facial care products and in Asia, we feel it’s there’s a whitespace that has not been fulfilled.”

She elaborated that the product options for the body that are made with premium ingredients formulated for the Asian climate are limited.

“Very often, we all only rely on brands that are foreign and not developed for this weather. If you have products coming from US, Europe, they’re usually thicker. So, the lotion that we have developed is much more lightweight,” ​said Han.

Furthermore, many consumers view body care as an afterthought and the brand hopes to change that by advocating that “the skin on our bodies should be treated the same way our face.”

“We want people to treat their body like they treat their face. We use ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, both well-known skin care ingredients,” ​said Han.

Additionally, most of the ingredients carry certifications such as EcoCert, Nordic Swan Certificate, COSMOs, and Certified 100% Bio-based by USDA Bio-preferred Program.

According to the firm, it developed its products to “strengthen body skin health so that our skin will be more resilient to environmental stimuli”.

Omno was launched in March 2021 and is distributed exclusively by Le Lac, which also represents Kiwi personal care brand Ashley & Co.

According to Han, the brand has been growing month-on-month since its launch.