November 30, 2023


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‘Never input your info into those things’

Remi Bader is speaking out against a popular online shopping tool that can inadvertently do more harm to customers than good.

Bader, a curve model and wildly popular content creator who also contributes to In The Know, explained in a viral TikTok video that the prevalent “find my fit” tool — which claims to help online shoppers discover their ideal clothing size based on their height and weight — is a deeply flawed piece of technology that puts too much emphasis on the wrong aspects of a customer’s body.

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In her TikTok, Bader shows herself entering a sample weight and height into the tool, which she accessed through Theory’s website. The tool then tells her that there is nothing on the website that is a “match” for her body type. However, once Bader mildly changes her “belly shape” and subtracts five pounds from her weight, a ton of options suddenly pop up, even though five pounds is such a minuscule change.

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“Never input your info into those things with your weight that’s going to tell you what size you are,” Bader says. “It’s not true.”

A better way to find your size on a store-by-store basis? Use your real body measurements when searching for clothing and not your weight, which every person carries completely differently, Bader suggests.

“Weight has nothing to do with fashion, it has nothing to do with modeling. Your measurements are what’s important, and it’s different on every single fashion website,” she explains.

Other TikTokers voiced similar frustrations over the ‘find my fit’ tool, which seemingly places far too much importance on body weight instead of actual, clothing-size-determining factors like body measurements.

“Ok wait I thought I was the only one that these did not work for,” TikToker Jen Nicole commented.

“Not to mention that everyone gains weight in different places,” noted another.

“Weight literally means nothing,” added a third. “So frustrating.”

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