November 30, 2023


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‘My crazy mother-in-law took over my wedding plans and even changed the date’

A frustrated groom took to Reddit after his mother-in-law started taking over his wedding plans – and users are convinced the woman will show up to the big day in a white dress

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Planning a wedding is both hard work and nerve-wracking as you make decisions on one of the most special days of your life.

But what if someone took over the role without even asking you.

An irritated groom has revealed that his mother-in-law did just that when it came to his big day.

In an anonymous Reddit post, the man said that in the run up to his wedding, his fiance’s parents gave them two options – they’d either pay up to $20,000 towards their wedding or they’d give them $20,000 towards a house.

As he already had some money saved up for a house, the couple decided to spend the money on their wedding.

“Everything was going well,” he said, “until the mother-in-law started going wedding crazy.”

The couple had to reschedule their wedding once before because of COVID


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He said that she started ordering things that they didn’t want or need without even asking them.

Although they were frustrated, they figured she was just trying to help, so they gave her the benefit of the doubt.

“Next thing we know, she starts doing the things that we were planning to do: like sampling the food, picking the vendors, etc. My fiancé spoke to her about it and her response was, ‘You weren’t taking care of it, so I had to’ (except we had plans to take care of it).”

“Now remember when I mentioned that she had been purchasing things we didn’t want for the wedding?” he continued.

“The next thing that happens is she sends me a list of payments that I’m supposed to take care of: $3,600 in total. $2,000 of which was for the alcohol because she doesn’t drink so she doesn’t think it is necessary (yet a $1,500 carriage ride was).”

His fiancee was “furious” because her mother decided to splurge so much money on a carriage ride, instead of on alcohol.

But what angered the couple the most was when the mother-in-law took it upon herself to postpone the wedding because of coronavirus.

The couple then sat her down and told her that they were “absolutely having the wedding, regardless of COVID” because the date had already been postponed once, again because of the pandemic.

Because they already had a small wedding ceremony amid the pandemic, the couple had the option to cancel the big wedding or wait until 2022.

However, the mother-in-law said they would only receive $5,000 from their original $20,000 wedding gift if they cancelled, so the bride decided it would be best to wait it out.

“We will have been married for two years when this ‘wedding’ happens,” the groom concluded.

Reddit users were stunned by the woman’s behaviour, and urged the couple to turn down any money otherwise it could be held over them in the future.

One person said: “Advice: never accept money from anyone blinding thinking there are no strings attached.”

Another wrote “Calling it now, MIL will show up to the wedding in a white dress. 100 per cent.”

Third commented: “Ugh at this point I would just let it go and not even bother. It’s not even your wedding, MIL has planned her own event and you’re just special guests.”

Someone else added: “Your wedding has turned into her full-time hobby, and that’s unfair to you both.”

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