March 1, 2024


Taking The Lead For Fashion Quality

Meet the Woman Behind the Rolls-Royce of Makeup Brushes

Even if she didn’t foray into business, Gilmour’s blog Sweet Makeup Temptations would be an accomplishment unto itself. It’s a definitive resource for anyone looking to educate themselves about makeup brushes, detailing the brands and products that matter and providing a comprehensive overview of shapes and materials. After launching in 2012, it quickly drew a community of passionate brush fans. “I noticed that many makeup enthusiasts had the same issue as me. They needed guidance and help to get the brushes that better suited their needs, but there was no one with an extensive collection who could do those comparisons or reviews,” says Gilmour. “A lot of the available reviews about brushes sounded too commercial or geared towards sales and profit and were not reflecting an honest opinion. English is not my first language [and] my photography skills were terrible, but the blog brought together a lot of brush lovers from around the world who just wanted to discover Fude, and this is something I could help with.”

A glimpse at Gilmour’s expansive brush collection

When it came to beauty, Gilmour was a late bloomer. In her teens and twenties, sensitive skin prevented her from wearing makeup full time. Still, she enjoyed the artistry behind beauty and the special occasions when she could wear cosmetics. By chance, she met a makeup artist in who gifted her with a sample of special Laura Mercier’s repair cream, created especially for those with the most reactive skin; it allowed her finally wear the products she’d been fascinated with. “I had seen doctors and spent so much money on treatments and products trying to solve my skin issues, but nothing had ever worked [so] I was thrilled,” she explains. “That was when I started to play with makeup, and I had so much to catch up on!”

It was during this time that she began to educate herself about brushes. At first, her goal was to upgrade her skills, but things escalated quickly. “I was purchasing the high-end makeup brushes that were easily available at the beauty counters here in Switzerland or brushes I picked up during my travels, and I noticed that the handmade brushes were far superior, especially those from Japan,” she says. “Colleagues and friends started to compliment me on my makeup—which no one had ever done before. I hadn’t changed anything except for the brushes I was using, so I was intrigued.” Working with the softer brushes taught her to appreciate the ritual of makeup application. “I was taking my time, enjoying the process even more, and that would reflect on the results,” says Gilmour. “At some point, I realized that with the same skills, with the same products and same techniques, using better brushes made quite a difference.”