June 7, 2023


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Maid of honor drops out of wedding over bride’s ‘superficial’ demand for her husband: ‘She is being shallow’

A bride refused to allow the maid of honor’s husband to attend the wedding. 

The maid of honor explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The bride didn’t want her husband to attend because he is short. The maid of honor is a fraction of an inch taller than her husband, but the bride thinks it will look bad in photos. When the maid of honor refused to oblige the strange request, things took a turn. 

“My friend is getting married in August. I was asked to be her maid of honor,” the Reddit poster explained. “She told me she thinks it would be better if my husband didn’t come. I asked her why and she didn’t want to tell me at first. Then she said it is because he is shorter than me and it would look weird in pictures. He is around 5 feet, 4.961 inches, while I am 5 feet, 5.354 inches. I offered I wouldn’t wear heels but she said I must wear them.” 

The maid of honor defended her husband and said she wouldn’t attend if he couldn’t come.

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“I said that if my husband is not invited because of his height I am not coming to her wedding,” the maid of honor wrote. “She said that the day is about her, not about me and my husband and I should respect her wishes about her day. She said that she counts on me as the maid of honor and I can’t do this to her. I told her she is being shallow and that it is either me and my husband or none of us. [Later on] I wrote her a text saying that I understand that wedding can be stressful. I wrote I want to be there for her and help her as the maid of honor but I can’t do that if she will have superficial demands. She very rudely told me that if this is my attitude I can f*** off.” 

Reddit was completely on the maid of honor’s side.

“I would completely ditch this person as a friend,” one person said

“The bride is being ridiculous and very shallow,” a user commented

“She’s being incredibly shallow and basically body-shaming your husband,” someone added

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