December 1, 2022


Taking The Lead For Fashion Quality

Japanese jewelry store reveals high-end Pokemon accessories for classy Snorlax fans

Whatever your chosen Pokemon is, Japanese jewelers U-Treasure have a massive range of fan favorites made into awesome accessories. Their stylish offerings are made with adult fans in mind, so they are subtle rather than garish, and can be worn for a variety of occasions.

One Pokemon that has shown up in their designs before is Snorlax. The previous Snorlax jewelry includes a pendant and a ring that stars both him and Munchlax, with their favorite berries.

This latest design is silver but it has an extra classy black coating. There’s both a necklace and ring showing Snorlax, the relatable king that he is, sleeping after eating too much.


The Snorlax charm on the necklace is detailed all the way around, so he looks cool however he falls. It can be copped in either silver (18,700 yen) or platinum 950 (275,000 yen), both come in the black coating.


The ring has a sizeable Snorlax that is sleeping on top of the ring in full 3D, rather than being flat. As a cute extra detail, he’s even yawning. The ring is available in silver with that suave black coating for 24,200 yen.

These pieces can be preordered online or at U-Treasure’s concept store in Ikebukuro until June 21.

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