November 30, 2023


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Internet Slams Bride Raging at Sister for Bringing 19-Year-Old Daughter to Kid-Free Wedding

The internet is raging at a bride who demanded an apology from her sister for bringing her 19-year-old daughter to a child-free wedding.

The guest explained that she, her husband and their four children, aged 11, 14, 16 and 19, had been expressly invited to the overseas bash.

After arranging flights, she was dealt a blow when they were informed that the wedding would be adults only—just a few days before the event.

At the last minute, the mom managed to arrange childcare for the youngest three, but decided to take the eldest with them.

But she was shocked to discover the bride was fuming that she had decided to bring her adult daughter to the event.

The mom-of-four took to Reddit’s popular Am I The A**hole forum, to question whether she, or her sister, was in the wrong.

Posting under username Apprehensive_Week205, she wrote: “We all received an invitation for my sister’s wedding. That’s me, my husband, and all 4 of my kids. Her wedding was in a different country but it was at a good time so we could all go. We booked everything and were all ready to go.

“We got there a bit of time before the wedding. Quite literally a few days before the wedding, I was informed it was going to be a child-free wedding. Look, I have no issue with child free weddings. But, I was a bit a frustrated.

“I mean, if I had known it was going to be child-free, then arrangements could’ve been made so that we all didn’t have to travel. We were all invited, so I was just annoyed that things were switched up.

“But, I can also understand that weddings can be stressful and sometimes things are going to change. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a place for my three youngest to stay during the wedding, but I sorted it all out eventually.”

But she had a feeling there could be a problem, when her sister messaged her before the event saying see “you two.”

The mom continued: “I was a bit confused, because, of course, three of us were going. I just decided it was probably an error and didn’t worry. We got there, and my sister seemed very surprised to see my oldest.

“And not a nice ‘surprised’ either, a pretty condescending ‘surprised’. But, again, it’s her wedding day, she’s probably nervous, I’ll let it go. During the wedding, I couldn’t help but feel she was ignoring us…

“I don’t know, if none of this ever happened I wouldn’t even care because, again, it’s her wedding and she doesn’t have to pay equal attention to everyone. But with everything else, it just felt weird.”

Her instinct was right, as her sibling sent her a scathing message after the event, questioning why she brought her niece along.

“After the wedding, she sent me a message that it was nice to see me there, but she would’ve appreciated if I had respected the ‘child-free part’.

“I replied saying I was so happy for her and enjoyed every second of the wedding, and I thought I had respected it but if there was a miscommunication I was very sorry.

“She told me that there was no miscommunication, that I had disrespected her and I should apologize. I basically reiterated what I had already said, and didn’t apologize,” she continued.

While in an edit she clarified the invitation had listed all six of their names, meaning there was no question over who was invited.

The post, shared on Wednesday, has amassed more than 16,000 views, and can be read here, as people almost unanimously thought the bride was in the wrong.

ArcanTemival simply wrote: “By your sister’s logic, nobody should attend at all, because everybody is somebody’s child. NTA.”

Empresslilandra wrote: “She really disrespected OP and her family’s time and money.”

Grace_Alcock admitted: “Yeah, I would have switched “going to a wedding ” to “family vacation” with no wedding immediately.”

Dashcamkitty thought: “Plus how inconsiderate to just declare the wedding child free just days before the event?”

While Otakuchips joked: “The husband can’t come to the wedding bc his parents are gonna be there.”

The process of uninviting people from weddings is a delicate one, but it was widely discussed last year when there were limitations on numbers due to COVID in various countries.

Wedding website Hitched shared advice over how to approach the situation, saying: “If you can’t afford to invite a whole family then make it an adults-only wedding.

“You can be vague and say that due to restrictions at your venue, regrettably children aren’t able to attend (which protects you from the ire of disgruntled guests).

“Be to the point and say that your budget doesn’t allow for younger guests, or simply make it clear on the invite that children are invited to the evening only.”

Newsweek approached Apprehensive_Week205 for comment.

File photo of girl at a wedding.
File photo of girl at a wedding. A bride raged at her sister for bringing her 19-year-old, after she changed the event to a child-free wedding.
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