December 4, 2023


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‘I want her in my wedding’

A married couple is planning a “re-wedding” after one spouse came out as transgender during their honeymoon. 

Jae and Rayna Harvey got married in 2018 in Texas, and while on their honeymoon, Rayna came out as a trans woman. Now Jae wants to marry Rayna as her true self properly.

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33-year-old Rayna told The Mirror that she had “suppressed” her feelings about transitioning since she was 11 years old. When she finally told Jae on their honeymoon, she felt “liberated.” 

“[It was] something I’d been storing away for so long, and when it actually happened, it was more of a relief — the overpowering feeling was, ‘Thank God for that,’” Rayna said about telling Jae.

“Once we opened up communication and she realized it’s safe with me, I’m not going to judge her or get angry and just wanted to understand so I could help, it all started clicking and making sense,” Jae said.

Now the couple is planning a “re-wedding” as part of a celebration of Rayna’s transition and for Jae to feel like she genuinely married Rayna.

“There was a bit of a disconnect when we think back to our first wedding,” Jae explained. “I feel, ‘Well, Ray wasn’t there’ and I want her in my wedding. What I want more than anything is for her family to see her walk down the aisle and for her to have her day — I got to have mine with all my bells and whistles, so now it’s her turn.”

The duo will be wearing black dresses with white, pink and red roses symbolizing the re-birth of Rayna.

“It’s for me to be the real me,” Rayna said. “Our first wedding was a great day and one of the happiest of my life.”

The story has made the rounds on several news outlets, with fans flocking to Rayna’s Instagram account to share their congratulations.

“Seeing your story really gave me a lift,” one person commented on Rayna’s Instagram.

“I can’t wait to see the pictures!” another added. “So happy for you!”

As of late, Rayna and Jae are still in the planning stages but are hoping to re-wed in 2022.

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