September 26, 2023


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I hoped the new Sims 4 wedding pack would fix marriages, but they’re still broken as ever

I hoped the new Sims 4 wedding pack would fix marriages, but they’re still broken as ever

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I’ll admit I was sceptical when EA announced The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories game pack. After all, weddings have always been a notoriously chaotic affair. Trying to shepherd all your guests to their seats without anyone dying, catching fire or getting struck by lightning is a complete ball-ache. The whole ordeal usually ends with your sims exchanging vows while your guests are busy scrapping in the middle of the road or eating a pizza they’ve been keeping in their pocket for an emergency. 

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When I saw the gorgeous new Italian-inspired world, the array of striking wedding gowns and the added depth to marriage that My Wedding Stories was offering, I set some of my hesitations aside. EA monetising a feature that has spent so many years in disrepair isn’t great, but at least it would fix them and make them more immersive, right?. Nope! The Sims 4 has packed up all its marital baggage and dumped it out all over this pack.

The biggest problem is that, at its core, the pack simply doesn’t work. While I’d been tinkering around with an early access build and repeatedly warned that the software wasn’t final, I still experienced the exact same issues in this week’s official release. The actual wedding ceremony—perhaps the most important part of a game pack centred around marriage—is an absolute nightmare. When planning the ceremony, you’re given the option to choose your sims’ wedding outfits, set a theme for your guests and even pick a colour scheme, but when I loaded into the wedding venue, absolutely nobody had adhered to my dress code. Everyone arrived in their regular everyday wear, and even my own brides had failed to don the dresses I’d carefully picked out for them. Thankfully, I was able to manually make my own sims change, but everyone else was left to look like they’d casually swung by the wedding on their way back from the supermarket.

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My Wedding Stories has introduced some ways to try and help you herd your guests around the gaff. There’s a fairly expansive menu filled with commands like “time to sit,” “throw rice,” and “time to eat cake.” Unfortunately, hardly any of them seemed to work. Instead of wedding guests, I felt like I was trying to manage a gang of tiny misbehaving children. Getting everyone to take a seat proved to be difficult—partly because there were only eight seats for my 20 guests, and also because most of them preferred to stand in the aisle having a wee chat instead. Attempts to send my two sims of honour down the aisle were fruitless, with one of them not even near any of the ceremonial activities. 

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