November 28, 2023


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How to look younger: 51 year old woman stays youthful with simple tricks

How to look younger: 51 year old woman stays youthful with simple tricks

With just a few simple strategies, model and actress-turned-influencer Victoria Featherstone Pearce has managed to shave years off her age. She spoke exclusively to about how she does it. Strangers say they are “shocked” all the time when she reveals her age.

Victoria has always had beautiful skin, and was even complimented on it by Nicole Kidman when she worked alongside the actress in her 20s.

But there are a few specific things Victoria likes to do to maintain her complexion 30 years later.

She told that she has been sticking to strict veganism for 20 years now, and it has worked wonders for her face.

“I do think when you’re putting death and all of that into your body it shows and that when you are you’re putting natural things into your body like fruits, vegetables and seeds your skin just looks fresher for it,” she explained.

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Victoria swears by Mindful Chef to provide her with tasty and nutritious vegan food.

She loves ingredients like chickpeas, beans, avocado and roasted vegetables, and breakfast is “always a protein shake with oatmeal and banana”.

One of Victoria’s favourite recipes is butterbean mashed potatoes; she mashes one small potato with butterbeans and adds a little yoghurt for some “creamy” yet healthy deliciousness.

She also refrains from eating big meals too late in the day, as she doesn’t like “lots of food laying on her stomach at night”.


As well as giving her bright and vibrant skin, Victoria’s healthy diet keeps her looking slim and toned – in addition to walking her seven dogs.

She told “I really love walking; you can talk, you can think, you can be with nature. It’s just lovely to get fresh air.”

Victoria also fell in love with CrossFit about a year ago, a form of high intensity interval training.

The exercise fiend admitted: “Gosh did I have a shock when I started CrossFit because it was so intense.”

She explained that you “really have to throw yourself into it”, whether it’s squats, lunges or burpees.

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Speaking of burpees, Victoria stated: “After 10 of those you’re just really done but they make you do 30 or 40.”

And while she may not enjoy it at the time, when Victoria completes a CrossFit class she feels “invincible”.

Challenging herself physically is something that certainly keeps Victoria young, having climbed Kilimanjaro twice – first for a children’s charity and second for her own dog charity, K-9 Angels.

Victoria’s youthful appearance can also be credited to her giving up alcohol around seven years ago.

With modelling and acting came many social events, but it came to a point where Victoria decided she “didn’t want to be that person anymore”.

She continued: “If I live to 80 or 90 I’ve gone over the halfway mark already.

“Now time is really important to me and I don’t want to waste it having hangovers.”

As for her hair, Victoria’s blonde locks and golden highlights are her crowning glory, and she “refuses to go grey”.

She explained: “Hats off to ladies that let their hair go grey. I think they look beautiful, and I find beauty in every type of person, even if you don’t do anything.”

While Victoria does make incredibly healthy lifestyle choices which are key to her looking younger, she also revealed that she gets a few ‘tweakments’ to maintain the look – including micro needling and threadlifts. 

Microneedling uses small needles to prick the skin, and generates the production of new collagen to smooth and firm the skin. Threadlifts define and contour the face by immediately repositioning tissue and gradually regenerating collagen.