November 28, 2023


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Geologie brings a personalized answer to skin care right to your door

Geologie brings a personalized answer to skin care right to your door



We truly live in an age of utter convenience. If you want to buy a meal, cat toys, or a car, it can be delivered right to your door in a matter of hours or days. Heck, you can even receive a personalized potato if you knew someone who decided that was their preferred method of communication, of course.

If all of that can be trafficked right into your hands with blinding speed and precision, why can’t answers to your most pressing skin care problems be addressed the same way without a costly dermatologist visit? Geologie has created a process to get those questions answered by experts without ever leaving your home.

Geologie is a customized skincare line that not only helps settle anyone’s specific skincare worries and problem areas, but it does it with absolute simplicity. Ideal for guys who don’t pay attention to their faces until there’s an issue, Geologie requires four minutes of maintenance a day and almost zero thought. 

Based on the results of a short diagnostic quiz about each user’s current skin health and their biggest trouble spots, Geologie assesses those results, then creates a 4-pack of products formulated to each user’s needs. Whether your problem is dry or oily patches, blotches and discoloration, breakouts, or unsightly circles and bags around the eyes, Geologie’s products are made to address your issue, then shipped right to your front door with a fresh batch every 30 days.

And like we said, if you can fit four minutes into your busy day to clean up with Geologie’s clinically proven ingredients, your part is basically done. 

Guys spend two minutes in the morning applying the Everyday Face Wash and the Vital Morning Face Cream to remove dead skin, moisturize and serve up your day’s worth of SPF protection. Then users close with two minutes of skincare each night as the Repairing Night Cream and Nourishing Eye Cream replenish healthy oils and knock out dark eye circles and bags.

“Very simple to follow and easy to do, seeing my acne progressively clear up,” happy Geologie user Omar reported. “Just need to stay consistent!”

And there’s no better way to take the plunge for trying Geologie than one keyword: cheap. Right now, users can get either a personalized trial set for as low as $20; or subscribe and save up to 40 percent off your first purchase of a 30-day supply.

Prices are subject to change.