December 4, 2023


Taking The Lead For Fashion Quality

Embracing The Woman Of Today, Irina Khaimov Is A Beauty Expert Delivering Confidence

In a world where beauty standards are set by Instagram influencers and Pinterest models, we all seem to feel under confident in our own skins and it has become the story of every girl next door. Irina Khaimov, an extraordinary woman with a motto to make women look and feel empowered and confident. She is a 41-year old Russian, owning seven medicine spas, 13K+ social media followers and hundreds of clients.

Her spa – Body Spa by Irina is a New York City based medical spa that serves Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx with non-surgical, beauty-enhancing techniques. She offers all sorts of facial & body laser treatments, hair restoration treatments, extensions, body sculpting, tattoo removal, various types of therapies and many more services. From eyelashes to teeth to the whole body, she is a queen of giving a makeover or maybe just a little touch of confidence that you needed.

Irina also administers classes and seminars on various subjects including small beauty tips, laser hair removal, laser treatment courses and other cosmetics. She has created a safe, clean environment for women to walk in for some beauty aid. Her services have been well received and reviewed as of very high quality.

She is a mother of five kids and two of them are in law school in Brooklyn. Not just a beauty expert but a super woman with an agenda to help her kind with science, beauty and innovation.

She believes everyone deserves to be happy in their skin. Her passion is to see women be happy and satisfied with their bodies and leave her studio as new bold individuals ready to kill it out in the world. She aims to make them achieve their aesthetic goals and she is doing a splendid job!