October 3, 2023


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Dozens of women getting start as first-time business owners in Omaha beauty industry

Dozens of women getting start as first-time business owners in Omaha beauty industry

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Thanh Luong is a mom of three and a nurse at Methodist Hospital. But this year she decided to take on a new passion.

She started her own business called Lux Cosmetic Ink. She uses a beauty technique called micro shading to create semi-permanent makeup for her clients.

Luong started out by doing the service for family and friends, but then she had an opportunity when My Salon Suite opened in Omaha in May of 2021.

“This space allowed me to have my own little studio. I can make my own time, so my schedule is very flexible to coincide with my kids and picking them up,” Luong said.

At My Salon Suite, there are nearly 30 beauty service providers under one roof. And like Luong, most of them are first-time business owners.

“It’s incredibly gratifying for me to see people of all ages and races decide that they want to launch their own business and to make it successful,” said owner, Dee Baird.

At 23, Bel Bremser owns Better Skin by Bel.

She said having her first business here is more than she could imagine, especially as many of the tenants work together by referring clients to one another.

“It’s a lot less scary than if I was just out there on my own somewhere without anyone to help to guide or you know, interact with on a daily basis,” Bremser said.

While she’s just getting started, Bremser is hopeful for the days ahead. She told 6 News she’s happy to be in an environment that’s keeping her motivated.

“I just adore this space; I adore the people in it and I cannot wait for every day. I wake up and think ‘yes! I get to go to work.’”

The owner of My Salon Suite tells 6 News that they offer free business training courses for their tenants, to set them up for even more success.