December 1, 2023


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‘Do not cross a bride’

‘Do not cross a bride’

A maid of honor claimed that standing up to the bride led to being kicked out of the wedding.

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TikToker @lobro15 alleged that when she told the bride the bridesmaids couldn’t afford the cost of the bachelorette party, things imploded. People had no trouble believing the story. Some even thought social media was the root of the issue.

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“The meaning behind the wedding party is blurred by the insane costs people ask you to spend,” one person said in the comment section of her post.

“Being MOH & telling the bride you don’t know if you or others can spend $1,000+ on her bachelorette party,” the video text read.

She then revealed that she was “demoted to bridesmaid” before being uninvited from the wedding and blocked on “everything.”

“Good Lord almighty, do not cross a bride (even in a kind, respectful manner within reason) or else,” she added in the caption.

The video racked up 4.2 million views on TikTok, prompting people to share their thoughts on wedding culture.

“Media has really made the bach party expectations skyrocket,” someone said.

“People out here investing more in the wedding than the marriage,” a person wrote.

“I miss the days of dinner and drinks and bar hopping. It was so simple when I got married,” a TikToker replied.

“Was supposed to be MOH for my college roommate. Told her I wasnt spending $500 on a dress or taking the week before off work. Kicked out of wedding,” another commented.

“I made mine as cheap as possible for this reason. It’s to celebrate love and my girls! Don’t need anyone going broke for it just want girl time!!” a user added.

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