March 31, 2023


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Did Chanel Ayan Wear a “F–king Wedding Dress” to Caroline Stanbury’s Engagement Party?

Did Chanel Ayan Wear a “F–king Wedding Dress” to Caroline Stanbury’s Engagement Party?

As you can see in the video above, Caroline Stanbury is a woman who takes fashion very seriously. For one thing, she has a jaw-dropping collection of “totally f–king useless” miniature designer handbags. (Watch the clip above for a closer look.) So when it came time for her marriage to Sergio Carrallo — even though she said she “didn’t want” a wedding — she planned two incredible ensembles for her nuptials, as well as another stunner for the engagement celebration the night prior.

One thing The Real Housewives of Dubai cast member didn’t see coming was that one of her guests might also have a bridal ensemble planned for the celebration. As Caroline and Sergio pull up to their desert engagement party in the preview clip of the July 20 episode, below, one partygoer’s attire leaves them stunned.

“Is someone in a f–king wedding dress?” Caroline gasps as she surveys the scene from inside the car. “Chanel [Ayan] is in a wedding gown.”

She continues in her interview, “That has to be the biggest slap in the face any guest could do to a bride… Anybody else with any ounce of etiquette would understand that you don’t go to a woman’s wedding in a wedding dress.”

But is Ayan’s lacy white Amato Couture bodysuit and cape actually a bridal gown? Let’s assess. First, we have to take the all-white dress code into account. While traditionally only the bride wears white to her nuptials and the corresponding celebrations, Caroline and Sergio did ask all their guests to wear white with “no deviation” to the engagement party, which naturally invites a sea of white dresses that may or may not bear some resemblance to a wedding dress.

Style Living Rhodubai Chanel Ayan Caroline Stanbury Wedding Gown

Style Living Rhodubai Chanel Ayan Caroline Stanbury Wedding Gown

Still, Caroline feels that certain elements of Ayan’s look are more reminiscent of bridal attire than her other guests’ picks. For one, it has a train, which even Ayan admits may have been a bit much. “Oh my god, why do I have a train? She has a train,” Ayan remarks upon seeing Caroline’s high-low tulle number.

Then there is Ayan’s blonde hairstyle, which Caroline mistakes for “a f–king veil” from a distance. Caroline sums it up in an interview during the episode: “The lace, the train, the veil, and the blonde, blonde wig. I look less bridal than her,” concluding that Ayan is “the rudest wedding guest ever.”

But despite second thoughts about the train, Ayan doubles down on her decision in her own interview. “First of all, Caroline, I’m a Black gorgeous woman. We do not look alike whatsoever, and I wore couture from Amato,” Ayan says, adding that Caroline “definitely wore Shein. You cannot compare or compete.” (Quick fact check: Caroline’s $12,000 dress was by Celia Kritharioti.)

Caroline Brooks sides with Ayan on this one. “You have your own look and your own hair and you’re f–king hot as f–k,” she tells her friend.

Still unsure? Watch the moment play out in the preview clip below and decide for yourself.


Caroline Stanbury: “That Has to Be the Biggest Slap in the Face Any Guest Can Do to a Bride”

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