December 6, 2022


Taking The Lead For Fashion Quality

De Pere couple develop Favoryt, an all-natural hair and skin care line

After struggling with a dry, itchy beard, Josh Woods of De Pere developed his own line of products.

Josh Woods of De Pere had a problem. After struggling with a dry, itchy beard and trying product after product on the market, nothing seemed to work. His wife, Amy, joined him in trying to find a solution.

“Josh is a welder by trade,” Amy said. “He went bald at age 22, and to get his confidence back, he grew out his beard. But he has really sensitive skin and none of the products we found seemed to cater to that. His beard was patchy and itchy. So, we started doing research and testing ingredients and developed a product that people love.”

With a bachelor’s degree in business and previous experience running an e-commerce custom apparel store, Amy was enthusiastic about working with her husband to start a new business. Favoryt (pronounced like “favorite”) became the brand name.