December 1, 2023


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Bridesmaid Praised for Walking Out on Bridezilla During Wedding

Bridesmaid Praised for Walking Out on Bridezilla During Wedding

Commenters were quick to defend a woman after she revealed that she walked out of her friend’s wedding after she was yelled at by the bride.

In a viral Reddit post published on the popular “Am I The A**hole” forum, the anonymous woman, known only as u/pinkandwhite2022, explained how the bride’s hairstylist canceled the day of the wedding which put her in a panic.

The post, titled “AITA For walking out of my friends wedding?” quickly garnered the attention of more than 10,000 users, with more than 10,100 upvotes and 1,100 comments supporting her decision to walk out on the “bridezilla.”

The term “bridezilla” was coined in 1995 by Boston Globe journalist Diane White to describe an out-of-control bride in an article. The portmanteau combines “bride” and “Godzilla” to cleverly describe a bride with difficult and unreasonable expectations.

In the post, the woman explained that the bride had been planning the wedding for two years and that out of the nine women she planned on having as bridesmaids, only four girls were attending, including herself.

“Some things have gone down over the last couple of years, a lot of her friends drifted apart, some wouldn’t be able to attend for medical reasons and she fell out with a few,” the post read. “Out of the 9 bridesmaids she had originally planned, only me and 3 other girls were attending.

The woman said that the day of the wedding was hectic and that the bride got overwhelmed. She said the other three bridesmaids kept everything in order while the bride calmed down until her hairstylist canceled at the last minute.

The woman said she was able to ask her friend to help out with her hair at the last minute. But the bride did not like the way she did her hair. She said she complained that the hair ties and bobby pins didn’t match her hair and that her curls weren’t done correctly.

According to the post, the bride told the hairstylist that she was an idiot and that she’d “heard enough.”

“I understand that it was stressful but there’s no need to name call someone who got all of their equipment last second and drove over 20 minutes to an event of someone they didn’t even know, as a favour [sic], not even paid work [though I did offer],” the post read.

The woman told the bride to calm down and that she couldn’t speak to her friend that way, but the bride then just began yelling at her.

“I told her we were all doing the best we could and she called me pathetic and said it was outrageous that I’d be lecturing her on the most important and stressful day of her life,” the post read. “She said she had half a mind to cut me as a bridesmaid and so I told her I’d save her the trouble and left.”

After she walked out of the wedding, the other three bridesmaids started to call her and said she was “selfish” and should just put up with “a little attitude for a few hours because she was stressed.”

The bride called and cried, saying the woman “betrayed her” and that she was a “horrible” friend. The bride’s mother also somehow acquired her number and called to tell her she was “disgusted” with the “attitude.”

The mother even said that the woman’s boyfriend even said she should have “sucked it up” and that it was a “total AH move” to walk out.

“My stance was that high stress or not, I don’t feel like she should have been calling my friend names and I don’t think she should have called me pathetic. Stress isn’t an excuse to talk down to someone in my opinion, especially people who are trying to help, but I could be wrong,” the post concluded. “So I guess, was she acting like the bridezilla I thought she was or AITA?”

More than 1,100 users flocked to the comments section, many to support the woman for standing up for herself and others flaming the bride’s behavior.

“NTA. You’re never an a**hole for refusing to accept abuse,” the top comment read. “The way you go about that refusal can make you one, but in your case, all you did was remove yourself from the situation. You did nothing wrong.”

“I am still digesting the fact that she started with 9 bridesmaids,” another user mentioned.

“NTA and there’s a reason she started with nine and ended with three,” another comment said.

“And that she took 2 years to plan a wedding and there was still so many things that went wrong. I planned mine in 3 months and it was perfect,” one commenter wrote. “After 2 years you should have backup plans for your backup plans, not go nuts over very normal stuff like people canceling last minute.”

Woman walked out on bridezilla's wedding
Commenters went wild after a woman revealed she walked out on her friend’s wedding after being yelled at. Many users called the woman a “bridezilla” and flamed her behavior.