March 1, 2024


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Bride Goes Viral for Wearing Pink Zara Suit Instead of Wedding Dress

Bride Goes Viral for Wearing Pink Zara Suit Instead of Wedding Dress

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  • A TikToker went viral after she posted photos of her wedding showing her in a pink Zara suit.
  • Commenters applauded the outfit for being unconventional, but she said she never planned to wear it.
  • She told Insider she bought the suit when she had only an hour to replace her stained wedding dress.

A 24-year-old newlywed who went viral on TikTok for posting pictures of herself in a pink pantsuit said it was a last-minute purchase after her original dress got ruined just before the wedding.

Luise Jäsche, a music student and model from Germany, posted the TikTok video on February 14 with an on-screen caption that read, “Let’s get married but make it fun!”

The clip included a slideshow of pictures from her Berlin wedding ceremony in August, where Jäsche wore a pink suit and white headband instead of a traditional white gown and veil.

The TikTok post now has 1.6 million views and more than 700 comments from people who praised the outfit as unique and unconventional. A comment with 1,200 likes said, “Now all I want is a pink suit and headband.” Another said, “Love the pink suit instead of a white dress.”

Jäsche was planning to get married in a white dress

Jäsche told Insider she planned to wear a short white dress to the wedding but several unfortunate incidents from the night before disrupted her plans. She had to move the celebrations indoors because of a rainy forecast and was horrified to find out her white dress became stained for reasons she preferred not to disclose. 

Jäsche told Insider, “I was laughing so hard because everything just went wrong, even though I had it all planned. My maid of honor was with me, so we went to the nearest mall with one hour to find something for me to wear.

“And it was so funny. We went into the first store, and I saw this pink suit. I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect. That is so me.'”

A picture of the bride standing in a garden and holding a bouquet while wearing the pink suit.

Jäsche saw the suit and immediately loved it.

Luise Jäsche

Jäsche said the pink suit, which she found at Zara, was the last one in the store. She asked to have it removed from the mannequin and bought it for the ceremony without telling anyone she was replacing her dress, not even her husband. In a statement to Insider, a representative for Zara said the suit was one of the store’s products from last season that had been discontinued.

The outfit was just one of many unconventional elements of her TikTok-famous wedding

The suit received a positive response from her groom and family members, who thought the outfit was “so cool,” Jäsche said. There was an even bigger reaction from commenters on TikTok, who said the video inspired them to wear a similar outfit to their weddings.

A picture of the bridal party walking down a path.

Jäsche encouraged people to wear whatever they wanted to their weddings.

Luise Jäsche

“I think it’s so cool that people are saying such nice things because you don’t really see these unconventional weddings online,” Jäsche said, adding: “I want people to know it’s OK to wear whatever you want because it’s your day. I really enjoyed it and I don’t regret it at all.” 

The suit became part of a series of unconventional wedding practices at the music student’s ceremony. Others included Jäsche wearing a white headband instead of a veil because it was “more chill” and reminded her of the TV show “Gossip Girl.”

Another nontraditional element of the wedding was that Jäsche’s husband, Benjamin, took her last name instead of giving her his because of his “really good relationship” with her family, she said.

The bride and groom wearing sunglasses and leaving the courthouse.

Jäsche’s husband, Benjamin, took her last name.

Luise Jäsche

In May, Jäsche is going to have a second ceremony in a church because in Germany, it is common practice to get married in a courthouse first and have a wedding in a religious space later. She said she still hadn’t told her guests whether she would wear a more traditional dress the second time around. 

Jäsche told Insider she was happy so many people reacted on TikTok to her wedding because even though she thought she was “too old” to use the app, she learned that “people on TikTok are so positive and so nice.”

“I really love the energy of it,” she added. 

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