September 27, 2023


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Book review: ‘A Woman’s Garden: Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things’

“A Woman’s Garden: Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things – Plants and Projects for Home, Health, Beauty, Healing, and More” by Tanya Anderson ($24.99, Cool Springs Press): This inspiring book links gardening to wellbeing, practicality and creativity. “A woman’s garden is a living expression … that can improve our lives,” writes the author, who is an organic gardener, beekeeper and plant-based beauty producer.

Her 192-page paperback book is organized by uses of plants in the garden. The first chapters focus on edible herbs and flowers. Health and beauty is the second topic and includes skincare and medicinal herbs. The final section introduces the concept of gardens for the home and crafts – cleaners, sprays, dyes and candles are just a few of the 35 projects.

Each chapter is brimming with information to grow plants, such as guidance on a garden site, layout, access, soil and more.

But just as she does in her LovelyGreens website, newsletters and on her YouTube channel, Anderson takes harvests to the next level. She explains how to turn botanicals into natural skincare products like a rose petal facial mist and create natural dyes for yarn as well as art such as papier-mâché leaf lanterns.

The highlight for me is Anderson’s inclusion, in each chapter, of a special garden created by a woman. Their stories are inspirational and heartwarming; and their garden is a fulfillment of their dreams, continually evolving.

“A Woman’s Garden” is written with the fast-paced modern world and its challenges in mind. “The balance between connection and resourcefulness is becoming increasingly important,” writes Anderson.

— Sally Peterson