November 30, 2023


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Bad Wedding Etiquette Stories

Bad Wedding Etiquette Stories


“I was working as a silver service waitress for a wedding at a local hotel. After the meal was served and cleared, I and the other waiting staff started making the rounds with ‘champagne’ for the toast as speeches were about to start. As I approached the top table, the bride launched herself out of her seat and started laying into the maid of honor, fists flying, hair pulling, cursing, stuff getting hauled off the table to use as weapons, furniture knocked over, the whole nine yards.

“Members of the wedding party tried to pull the two ladies apart, but it escalated into a pitched battle with family members from all sides being involved. The manager of the hotel evacuated the staff to the car park, and the police were called. The police arrived, saw the scale of the brawl, and called for back up. The car park filled with police cars, and they went in and broke up the fight. We saw the bride handcuffed and taken away in a police car. The maid of honor and one other bridesmaid left in an ambulance. Various other members of the wedding party were hauled off in police vans. It turns out the bride’s mother stumbled upon the groom banging the maid of honor in the bathroom earlier in the reception and decided to share that information with the bride whilst the party was waiting for champagne to be served!”

Janette Bonar Law