December 3, 2022


Taking The Lead For Fashion Quality

At Marni, Sunrise-Dipped Faces and Slick Wet Hair Symbolized Rebirth

The hair was designed to frame the face while maintaining a similar spirit to the clothes and makeup. “It’s about making a raw statement that’s happening already; each person’s a character,” said hairstylist Holli Smith. “We’re putting a bunch of products in the hair to flatten it as much as we can, with dry and wet looks. We’re making everyone feel like they’re together, but addressing their uniqueness and needs.” 

For the dry hair looks, individual textures were enhanced, while the Dyson Corrale was used to flat iron some underneath layers for a more streamlined effect. As for the fresh-out-of-the-water looks, strands were doused in Bumble and bumble’s Invisible Oil, set with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on the low settings, and re-wet with spray water bottles right before the runway. “[Francesco wanted the hair] to look unique and a little messy and bad-good, so I felt like I could really give that to him,” Smith laughed. “That’s my taste too.”

Photographed by Hunter Abrams / @hunterabrams

Photographed by Hunter Abrams / @hunterabrams

One part art school, one part modern bohemian, Marni’s house beauty codes are as strong as ever—and were all the more brilliant for taking their cues from the skies, which symbolize birth and rebirth each and every day. As emphasized in Risso’s notes: “The sunset is not a phenomenon of the sun–taking place on the horizon; but a phenomenon of the body–setting the sky on fire.”