December 1, 2023


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6 Luxury Fashion Brands Going Gender Neutral


Tommy x Indya Collection

Thanks to a strong push from Millennials and Gen Z, genderless fashion is the future. Women are embracing the dapperness of a suit. Men are showing some flare with painted nails and rocking skirts. Slowly but surely, we’re coming to realize that fashion has no limits nor boundaries, and shoppers around the world are more than willing to experiment.

We express ourselves through our clothes, and one’s personal style says a lot about them and their authenticity. Genderless fashion is not a trend. It is about defying the gender binary and throwing out any restrictions when it comes to how you dress, and that feeling of liberation has been accepted and adopted by numerous luxury brands.

From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and more, these luxury designers have lines that speak to our post-gender era.

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Louis Vuitton


The French fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection and its cinematic runway show included multiple pieces of fabulous, gender-neutral pieces. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquière wants Louis Vuiton, one of the biggest luxury brands in the world, to go on a “voyage of exploration…to discover and abolish the last [gender] frontiers.” The gender neutrality of this collection was all in the cuts of the clothes. Staples such as business and streetwear uniforms were given unique turns that had the audience in awe of this collection.

Marc Jacobs


In 2020, Marc Jacobs launched a polysexual collection called Heaven consisting of eccentric streetwear essentials and collectibles. “Heaven centers [around] the D.I.Y. spirit that connects subcultures around the world and recontextualizes them for a new generation,” the brand says via an IG post. The collection honours iconic queer figures Gregg Araki, Mike Kelley, Cindy Sherman and more. It’s truly a celebration of personal style, honoring the queerness present in everyone.

Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney’s gender-inclusive collection Shared celebrates individuality and diversity. The designer created a collection that can easily be “shared” between all wardrobes. “I think it’s beautiful how [today’s youth] inclusively-celebrate individuality and diversity and are using their self-expression to affect social change,” McCartney is quoted in Hero Magazine, “to create the world they want to see, collectively rising up in the face of the climate crisis and global social unrest.” The capsule collection includes key pieces such as suits and trenches, puffer jackets, sweatshirts and jersey t-shirts. The styles are playful and bold. Another plus? They’re all made out of sustainable materials!



Gucci has integrated this new wave into a separate category called Gucci MX. Their stated goal? To “emphasize the dissolving lines of the gender divide in the name of self-expression.” In this collection, masculinity and femininity relative concepts. MX is divided into four categories: Ready to wear, handbags and luggage, shoes, and accessories. It is Creative Director Alessandro Micheles’ latest celebration of gender inclusivity and fluidity. The Gucci MX category goes one step further and uses only gender-neutral models to style these pieces.

Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger teamed with non-binary actor and activist Indya More to launch Summer Pre-Fall collection, TommyXIndya. The capsule celebrates uniqueness, beauty and diversity with the belief that style knows no boundaries. TommyXIndya includes a range of size-inclusive and non-gendered designs. “This capsule goes beyond great style,” Moore is quoted in a press release. “It breaks a cycle and sets a new standard across the industry. Too many people are made to feel that something is wrong with them just for being themselves.” Each style was inspired by the signature pieces of the Tommy Hilfiger brand and was recreated to respect and represent multiple gender expressions. This includes the iconic Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, the Oxford button down shirt, and the pin striped blazer.



Versace displayed its approach to gender-neutral fashion in its winter collection at the Milan fashion week in early 2020. Both male and female models wore gender-neutral clothes on the ramp, wearing suits, coats, and shorts embellished with rhinestones and animal prints. “For me, with this show, I want to highlight that, today, there is a generation that doesn’t care about gender,” Donatella Versace stated at the showcase, and the brand definitely succeeded.