November 30, 2023


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4 Popular Types of Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail dress is one that is designed for semi-formal events. They make a great wardrobe choice for anything from drinks at a local nightclub to weddings. When choosing a cocktail dress, there are a few types to choose from.

Little Black Dress

The famous little black dress or LBD is a black cocktail dress that is a mix between simplicity and elegance. It is typically cut short and forms well to the wearer’s body.

Long-Sleeve Cocktail Dress

If you would like something a little more sophisticated, a long-sleeve cocktail dress is a good solution. Not only will it still provide the curve-hugging fit, but it will also keep the shoulders covered for a little added class – and to keep off any chill.

Tea Length Cocktail Dress

Many cocktail dresses stop above the knee, but a tea length dress takes it down a few inches and flares out. It adds a touch of elegance and grace for anyone not comfortable showing their thighs or who would just like to add a little more mystique.

Embellished Cocktail Dress

An embellished cocktail dress is one that comes with a little extra flair. It typically has beads, sequins, or another object that makes even the simplest design sparkle even more.

Cocktail dresses come in varying styles, sizes, and materials. No matter the event you attend, there is a cocktail dress to suit the occasion.